Top ways to keep in touch with your customers

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Top ways to keep in touch with your customers

How financial institutions continue to adapt to serve customers

From sending employees to work from home to quickly adapting business models, financial institutions are finding new ways to meet customer needs. While banking regulations require contingency plans for catastrophes to be in place, the coronavirus disruption is not aligned with the expected standard recovery process—and will likely reshape the way most banks and credit unions operate for a long time to come.

Many financial institutions have quickly implemented new processes and technologies to accommodate physical distancing while continuing to engage and serve customers safely. Here are some of the ways they’re doing it.

Connecting with customers remotely

It’s important for customers to hear from their banks and credit unions so they understand the protocols that have been put in place to protect them. You can do this for your customers by:

  • Emailing alerts and updates about convenient bank-from-home options  
  • Encouraging customers to use your online banking and mobile app
  • Dedicating a page on your site for updates related to COVID-19
  • Sharing social media posts that focus on educational and instructive videos, blogs, user groups, and webinars
  • Offering updates on where, when, and how your bank is available through social media, email, and your website

Maintaining physical distancing to keep your staff and customers safer

Across the world, financial institutions are supporting distancing mandates in various ways, including:

Looking out for the customer’s wallet

Measures like these help customers feel supported while building loyalty:

  • Increasing limits on withdrawals at ITMs and ATMs
  • Increasing limits on mobile check deposits
  • Waiving maintenance fees on accounts
  • Waiving third-party debit card fees for out-of-network ATMs
  • Providing fraud monitoring and fraud protection
  • Offering payment relief (mortgages, cars loans, credit cards, etc.)
  • Offering extra incentives and rewards to encourage the use of credit cards for essential purchases (5% cashback, etc.)

Listening to the customer and the community

Banks and credit unions are core to every community and can play an important role during the coronavirus pandemic, including:

  • Inviting customers and members to stay connected with feedback through a user’s group, chatbot, or email forum
  • Creating philanthropic support to provide funds for basic needs, medical supplies, and financial hardship
  • Developing marketing campaigns that focus on showing support and bringing the community together
  • Building online community initiatives to support communities and businesses locally, and across the country 

Top ways to keep in touch with your customers


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