Top Rated: A model that removes ATM complexity so FIs can focus on customers

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Whether you’re working for a large multinational bank or local community financial institution, chances are you’re managing a complex network of technology solutions as well as multiple vendors to keep your branches and ATMs ready to transact.

You’re also seeing the role of the branch shift, with a greater focus on self-service and automation changing the shape and flow of the traditional branch model. For example, tellers are now consultants selling added-value services, instead of just performing simple transactions. Meanwhile, consumer expectations continue to shift; today, that means giving them personalized, modern experiences that increase their adoption of digital banking.

With a technology infrastructure that’s becoming more complex over time, you might be asking, “How can I find the time and employees to manage my complicated ATM estate operations — while finding more time to spend on my customers, creating experiences they want, and finding ways to grow?”

The answer is the ATM-as-a-Service model.

Outsourcing end-to-end ATM management

Just like NCR’s new ATM-as-a-Service (ATMaaS) program does for its customers, the ATMaaS model provides an alternative to managing the ATM estate. In this model, the self-service banking technology partner runs the entire fleet so the financial institution doesn’t have to. It removes the considerable headache, costs, and risks associated with having numerous suppliers, a diversified supply chain, and security and regulatory compliance requirements, just for starters.

The ATMaaS benefits must be appealing because 71 percent of financial service executives outsource at least some of their services. And there are also flexible ownership options for the acquisition of hardware and software technology replacements when that time comes. In the meantime, financial institutions can enjoy a single partner to manage everything end-to-end and a single payment method. 

With ATM-as-a-Service, financial institutions have a single point of contact that will focus on key performance indicators that will drive business growth and maintain customer loyalty. The biggest benefit of all is gaining the agility and continuous innovation to quickly meet ever-changing consumer demands—and freeing up much more time, personnel, and budget for other high-priority tasks, such as branch transformation, to grow engagement, loyalty, and revenue.

With constant cost pressures, regulatory requirements, resource constraints, the introduction of complex devices, and most importantly your customers’ experience, running the ATM channel is no small task. But with innovative solutions like NCR ATM-as-a-Service, financial institutions, whether large or small, can count on NCR’s 50+ years of experience in banking to deliver differentiating solutions that matter.

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Top Rated: A model that removes ATM complexity so FIs can focus on customers


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