Top 3 questions to ask Realtors to strengthen relationships

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Top 3 questions to ask Realtors to strengthen relationships

Here are 3 specific questions loan officers can ask Realtors and real estate agents to strengthen their professional relationships:

1. What is your goal for the week/month?

Seemingly easy question, right? Well, it is! The key is to ensure that the Realtor’s answer isn’t “to get a lead from you.” If your goal is to exchange information, then we also need to understand their goals, whether professional or personal, and be their accountability partner in helping them reach those goals every time you meet or talk to them. Asking this type of question of your Realtor or real state partner signals that you have a vested interest in their success.

With clients, the goal can seem obvious to you and your line of work. The key is to actually ask the question rather than assume we know the answer.

2. Who would you like to be connected to?

As is the case with each of the questions listed here and targeted at your Realtor referral partners, we’re looking to avoid the response “to get a lead from you,” or “a client.” Remember, we are expanding our relationship first – referrals will come, I promise. This is the time to explore their needs.

If you are the networking expert I believe you to be, asking this question will be an easy way to learn more about your partners and clients. Remember, if you don’t know of a specific person or line of work to connect with, ask your other referral partners for the same connection. This will expand your business too!

3. What can I specifically do to help you this week/month?

I love this question because this is where the exposure begins! Our actions based on this question and “ask” from our partners and clients are the key to demonstrating authentic care and genuine concern in helping them grow their businesses. This question highlights how you, the loan officer, can truly strengthen the Realtor and real estate agent referral relationship.

With the connections you have as a loan officer, you can now help your real estate referral partners tremendously. Some examples include: helping them promote an event, seminar, workshop, or promotion; attending one of their events with another colleague; joining them in attending an event using the buddy system; or in the case of a client, remembering a small detail they have mentioned such as a birthday, vacation, big pitch they are doing, etc.

Now what?

Here is where the magic begins. It’s time for you to share with your Realtor / real estate referral partners your goals, and the people you wish to be connected to, and explain how they can help you. The actions both of you take in holding one another accountable and making the connections requested will ultimately determine the results.

Top 3 questions to ask Realtors to strengthen relationships


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