Learn how to earn direct passive income from Health Insurance

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Learn how to earn direct passive income from Health Insurance

If you are looking for the best ways to promote insurance, especially in the digital Landscape, and up your marketing skills, you are in the right place. Health Insurance is the best insurance to sell online. A commission can be earned by promoting health insurance through affiliate programs. The commission can range from $5-10 per lead and $10-$160 per successful application. This means a commission can be earned even without having people actually buy ing the insurance. Selling Insurance purely online allows you to skip the traveling, call-calling, door-knocking, networking, and so on. which are common practices in the century-old industry.

Everybody needs Health Insurance

Health Insurance is not cheap. This drive some state governments will penalize you if you go without health insurance for three months in Developed Countries. Individuals, Business owners, unemployed or self-employed, work part-time, and recently retired may also be potential buyers of health insurance to cover their medical expenses. Those with an employer who doesn’t offer health insurance as part of their employee benefits program may also be looking at purchasing their own health insurance plan for their employees as a remuneration package or to fulfill the legal requirements in some states.

Why Health Insurance and not any other Insurance?

Emergencies happen all the time. and everyone needs health insurance. In fact, it is the most popular type of insurance being sold. In 2018, the total amount of private health insurance sold was $919.6 billion. That is about 1.5 times the size of P&C insurance consisting primarily of auto, homeowners, and commercial insurance combined which amounted to $618 billion in the same year.

The entry barrier to selling insurance online is way lower than setting up an insurance company online. it works just like selling and other services by referring people to sign up. All you need to do is to sign up for affiliate programs where they track the people you send to their websites. It is free and easy to set up. They pay you either for a submitted quote or a complete application.

Here are some of the most common health insurance affiliate programs as followings below;

Internation Insurance.comThey offer International health insurance with big brands including Aetna, Bupa, CignaCommission starts from 100% per sale
eHealth Insurance.comMore than 180 health Insurance Companies and, offer more than 10,000 health insurance products onlineCommission per completed application: individual or family health insurance $50 short Term Health insurance $10, Student Health Insurance $20, Dental Health
CoverWalletIt’s an aggregator for business insurance including health insurance for small businesses$30 per verified quote request
NetQuoteIt’s an online insurance marketplace with products from over 100 of the nation’s top insurance companies. it provides home, renter life, business, or auto insurance@5 quote for Health Insurance
AgileHealth InsuranceThe website compares private health plan options that do not feature on the health insurance marketplace$50-$162 per completed application

Learn how to earn direct passive income from Health Insurance


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