How do mobile bank branches support communities during a pandemic?

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mobile bank branches support communities during a pandemic?

Mobile branches – taking service to the customer

Many financial institutions have temporarily closed their branches or reduced their hours. But they still need to maintain customer relationships and make sure their services are available to those who need them. That’s where mobile branches come in.

Banks can supplement brick and mortar branches with mobile branches. Some financial institutions offer “Banking on Wheels” services, with ATMs installed onto vehicles, providing access to cash and giving the public and small businesses the ability to carry out banking transactions. A format often used at sporting events or large public gatherings can now be a financial lifeline in a crisis, offering vital financial and cash services to people in remote, rural communities or those affected by a disaster.

As the coronavirus impacts India, for instance, we’ve seen examples of banks rolling out ATMs on wheels to provide customers with access to cash in their locality. HDFC has already tested its mobile ATM in Mumbai, Noida, Allahabad, and Coimbatore, and has plans to roll it out to the rest of the country.

mobile bank branches

Mobilizing the ATM channel

Today’s ATM technology means financial institutions can mobilize their channel easily. Smaller footprint ATMs built with recycling and check acceptance modules offer consumers and small businesses the ability to conduct their transactions in a secure environment.

Many financial institutions also offer video banking with interactive teller machines. These offer face-to-face communication with product experts as well as a full suite of services in a small and convenient environment.

As the crisis continues, self-service banking innovation will be even more essential for banks and credit unions looking to maintain customer service and loyalty. Learn more about these solutions at and find more resources articles

How do mobile bank branches support communities during a pandemic?


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