How Banks can support SMB Customers right now

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How Banks can support SMB Customers right now

For small and medium business (SMB) owners, the world never stops—they’re always striving to deliver exceptional experiences for their customers while trying to stay profitable. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this reality has taken on a whole new meaning as SMBs face incredible pressure from suppliers, customers, the government, and the market.

SMBs are among the most profitable customers for financial institutions around the world. It’s essential to continue to find ways to serve these valuable customers and offer them a sense of stability.

How can financial institutions support SMBs during this time?

Changes due to the coronavirus have made it more challenging for SMBs to conduct day-to-day banking tasks. But self-service technology can provide access to critical financial services, such as bulk coin deposit, rolled coin dispense, night safe/night drop, high capacity cash recycling ATMs, and interactive teller technology.

Bulk cash deposit capabilities include:

  • High capacity recyclers or night safes that allow for a quick cash deposit and ensure funds are treated securely
  • Bulk coin deposits that allow real-time cash deposits if funds need to be accessed immediately
  • Rolled coin dispensers so change orders are seamless, as SMBs can dispense coins as required
  • Migration to remote deposit capture for check deposits eliminates the need to visit a bank branch altogether, enabling businesses or consumers to scan an image of a check on their mobile phone and send it to their bank for processing.

All of these choices allow financial institutions to support many SMB needs while minimizing personal interactions. If the customer needs more personal assistance, they can also use Interactive Teller Machines for advice and more complex transactions to #KeepCommerceRunning. See how Capital City Bank continued to deliver consistent and personalized service to their customers amidst the pandemic by implementing the ITM.

How Banks can support SMB Customers right now


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