Finding the Best Insurance with Pet Health Pre-existing Condition

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Best Insurance with Pet Health Pre-existing Condition

What is Pre-existing Condition?

A pre-existing condition can be defined as an injury or illness that started prior to your pet insurance coverage or during the waiting period. If you’re choosing pet health insurance, it’s important to understand the limitations of the policy—such as treatment for pre-existing conditions, which can be included.

Many dogs and cat insurance plans do not cover pre-existing conditions and often require a physical before the pet insurance will begin. Enrolling in pet insurance for dogs or cats as early as possible is essential because more concerns are covered.

Looking for Pet Insurance Companies with Pre-existing condition

What happened if your pet has a pre-existing condition? you can still obtain pet insurance and it will cover conditions not related to the pre-existing condition.

Here are things to keep in mind, These include:

Be a proactive pet owner: “You’ll want to take care of the injury or illness as soon as possible, so the matter doesn’t worsen, resulting in astronomical vet bills. Taking the proper precautions can help prevent other accidents or illnesses from appearing due to the condition,” says Stone.

Keep up to date with your pet’s vaccinations: The last thing you want is for your pet to get sick because you didn’t keep them up-to-date with their Medicine. Many insurers will deny a claim if your pet becomes ill because they weren’t vaccinated according to your veterinarian’s guidance.

Compare pet insurance policies: Pet insurance won’t cover incurable pre-existing conditions, you can find suitable coverage to handle other medical expenses. Compare the obvious things like monthly price and deductible, but also look at other factors such as waiting periods and whether coverage is reduced when your pet gets older.

“When you select an insurance provider for your pet, you’re really trusting the provider to be your pet’s partner for life. This is really important when it comes to making a claim because if you switch to another pet insurance provider during your pet’s lifetime, then any claims with your previous insurer will be treated as pre-existing by the new provider, and therefore wouldn’t be covered.

Buy pet insurance early on. “Pet owners who have pets with pre-existing conditions should know the financial burden vets bills have. Purchasing a pet insurance policy early on can help minimize the cost associated with the same issue occurring in the future,” says Melissa Gutierrez

Consider pet insurance alternatives. Companies like Eusoh and Pawp offer alternatives to insurance that provide a way to help pay a pet’s medical expenses. Pawp, for instant, offers a membership-benefits service providing up to $3,000 for emergency veterinary bills for a pet, including pre-existing conditions, for $19 a month.

Best Insurance with Pet Health Pre-existing Condition

Affordable Pet Insurance Care

Having pet insurance for cats or dogs permits you to choose the best options for your dog or cat without worrying if you can afford your pet’s care. You can make the best decisions possible for your pets’ longevity.

We used data provided by to score each pet insurance company based on the following.

Average plan prices: Up to 30 points. We averaged pet insurance quotes for each insurer for a mixed-breed dog at two ages in California, Florida, Illinois, New York, Texas, and Washington, when quotes were available.

Plan benefits: We scored plans based on the following important features up to 60 points: Annual coverage choices, whether the plan can pay a veterinarian directly, access to a 24/7 vet line, availability of routine wellness coverage, whether the plan pays the vet exam fee, dental illness coverage, end of life coverage, and multipet discount.

Finding the Best Insurance with Pet Health Pre-existing Condition


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