Best 6 Lucrative Insurance Affiliations Programs to Promote

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Best 6 Lucrative Insurance Affiliations Programs to Promote

If you are into an online business like social media Tiktok influencers or blog site owners. you can enjoy the lucrative benefits of promoting an insurance policy by joining affiliate programs. This guide will help you find some insurance affiliate programs that guarantee an increase in your online sales within no time. Luckily, you don’t need to own an insurance business to be a part of the industry.

Lists of the 6 Insurance Affiliations programs

  1. Insurance
  2. Allstate Insurance
  3. United Plumbing Sheild
  4. Price shop Insurance
  5. Eusoh-Pet Insurance
  6. My CoPay is too high
Allstate InsuranceAuto, Life, and Home Insurance$28
United Plumbing ShieldPlumbing and Festering Protection$6
Price Shop InsuranceOnline shopN/A
Eusoh-Pet InsurancePet$40
My CoPay is too HighHealthN/A


Newplanoption is an insurance affiliate program through which you can promote the platform on your website and earn a lucrative commission of up to $10 on a successful online sale. These Health plans are available for both individuals and families. its help buying collective family insurance helps buyers to save hundreds of dollars. Additionally, as the name represents, it focuses on providing buyers with improved health plans with premium health insurance. It creates health insurance awareness by offering a quick healthcare knowledge survey and questionnaire by potential buyers enabling Newplanoptions to present suitable policy options.

Health Insurance policies are the priciest among the rest of the insurance policies, This platform will help you find one within your budget. it’s a common platform integrated with renowned carriers that include UnitedHealthcare, Humana, and Bluecross Blueshield. Buyer can input their personal information and preferences to obtain an insurance quotation that fits their healthcare needs and buy to insurance plan from Newplanoption is its 24/7 online customer support, which assists buyers with any health insurance queries they may have.

2. Allstate Insurance

Allstate is a reliable insurance provider for all types of basic insurance, such as auto, home, life, renter, and condo. It’s established and publicly owned by insurance companies in the US. Signing up for their affiliate program is not only beneficial for your online sales but also helps you build a good reputation. They are well-known for the perks they give their affiliate marketers, they include;

  • Online promotion of Auto, renter, and home insurance plans and policies
  • A wide selection of advertisements banners as well as text hyperlinks
  • Aprofessionalto assist with affiliate marketing programs
  • Third-party monitoring, real-time reporting, and monthly commission deposits

Apply for an Allstate affiliate program is very easy and comprises of the following simple step:

  • Online submission of the partner Application
  • Successful completion of the partnership screening process
  • Selecting an affiliate program within the impact marketplace
  • Application review takes 2-5 business working days
  • After successful acceptance, choose the relevant text links and banners from the online archive.
  • The final step involves the addition of affiliate links, and you can instantly earn commissions.

3. United Plumbing Shield

This insurance affiliate provides affordable plumbing and festering protection insurance plans. Homeowners can opt for suitable monthly, quarterly, and annual insurance plans for regular or ad-hoc house maintenance and plumbing requirement. Plumbing services may cost more than $1000 at a time, these plans cater to different needs and other claims related to septic protection.

You can earn many benefits as an affiliate marketer on top of online sales commissions. such as commissions per subscription- you can make a commission on every sale, Advertisement Banners, and earn a commission per sale of insurance plans. United Plumbing Shield provides 24/7 customer care with low-cost call charges and it is a reward program, which offers massive discounts on dining, retail, travel, and gift vouchers.

4. Price Shop Insurance

This insurance enables buyers to compare and buy the best-priced insurance from a unified platform. it’s an online community that connects consumers with insurance carriers. The price shop affiliate program provides a variety of promotional campaigns to help generate successful leads. they include the following:

  • Insurance policy sale commission- allows you to earn a commission per sale of a car insurance policy through an affiliate link
  • Promotion banner- you can display a large advertisement banner on your website to promote.

Buyers can save $300 to $3,000 depending upon their location, as insurance policy rate, as an online business owner, you can guide your audience by creating awareness about different auto insurance policies.

5. Eusoh-Pet Insurance

By promoting the Eusoh-Pet Insurance affiliate program, you can help pet owners avail of medical treatments without stressing about the high cost. This insurance affiliate program is designed especially for pet owners to ensure their pet safety and well-being. You can earn up to $4000 for referring 100 people to the program, hence, the lowest you can earn is $40 for one successful lead, which grows exponentially with the total number of referrals.

Eusoh-Pet Insurance reimbursed you for your pet’s medical expenses even after the entire medical procedure is done. you can become an online ambassador by providing your blog information and email address on the Eusoh online affiliate program application form, after the account verification process is done completely, you can market Eusoh insurance plans through social media your blog, affiliate links, banner and get paid for your efforts

6. My CoPay is Too High

This is one of the leading online health assistance platforms providing affordable insurance for medical expenses and prescribed medicines. It allows buyers to save costs, including doctor consultation fees, repeat visits, therapy sessions, medicine costs, and much more. some of the benefits of My CoPAY are commission-based medical coverage, online engagement, and Zero upfronts fee.

The CoPay is Too High insurance program is not just for individuals but for families as well. it provides a collective insurance plan for the entire household, the insurance plan pays for 80% of the total medical treatment.

Best 6 Lucrative Insurance Affiliations Programs to Promote


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